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IPVanish VPN

The company IPVanish VPN specializes in 15 years of development are to combine secure connections and high speed in a customer-oriented support. With offices in North America and in Europe the provider has plenty of experience on the two largest markets. IPVanish offers over 93 different servers that are distributed in 44 states, so as to ensure a high bandwidth for all customers. At the same time, the company always tries to find new locations and to increase the number of accessible servers. Especially in Europe, a large number of servers already exists, guaranteed high speeds and reliable connections. The server of IPVanish are located in the following countries: USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Sweden, France, Austria, Poland, Denmark, Netherlands, Hungary, Turkey, Switzerland, Portugal, Japan, China, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Spain, Belgium , Malaysia, South Korea, South Africa, Romania, Russia, Italy, Singapore, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Costa Rica, Greece, Croatia and Egypt. The customer then has the opportunity to access world circa 3500 IP addresses so that anonymity is guaranteed. Here is another article about the company. IPVanish available to customers around the clock technical problems aside and helps set up the service. For this purpose, a special software is used, which is tailored to the operating system and the requirements of the customer and provides a simple connection to the VPN servers.

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